Keeping Safe at Guy's Farm

General information


  Welcome to Guy's Farm 

General Information

First aid and medical services


A first aid kit can be found in the white cupboard in the utility room.

The nearest minor injuries unit is at Doddington hospital

The nearest A+ E is at Huntington

Contact numbers for doctors are found in the brown box file


Gardens and Field


 You are free to use the garden and field surrounding Guy’s Farm however please be aware that there may be farm vehicles using the land and that the local archery club use the strip of land at the back of the shed. 

Fire Safety


Fire risk assessment is also posted on the fridge

Fire Risk assessment

Using the hot tub


The  hot tub is available for your use. Information about ts use is also found in the utility room.

Please read before use!

using the hot tub



The key to the side door is found in the key safe. You will be sent the code before you arrive. Please make sure that you leave it when you go!

All other doors are locked and the keys left in the lock - please leave them here so they can be opened in case of fire.