Using the Hot Tub

The hot tub is located on the patio. For your safety please read and follow the advice below.

 1. Please keep the hot tub covered when not in use. There is a handle to help do this.

2. If the hot tub fails to work, please contact us at once. Please do not try to ’fix’ it!

3. The ideal temperature for the hot tub is 38 degrees -please check that the hot tub is kept below 40 degrees. Please note that safety advice states that a reduced temperature (and time) is suggested for children.

4. Please ensure that children are always supervised – it is not recommended that children under the age of 8 use the hot tub.

5. Spa towels and flip flops are provided in the utility room.

6. Please remove the chemical dispenser before entering the tub.

7. Please access and exit the hot tub via the steps- never jump or dive into it.

8. Please make sure that your feet are clean before entering the hot tub.

 The hot tub is designed for 8 people – please do not exceed this.

9. Please do not use the hot tub after taking drugs or drinking, or after a heavy meal.

10. Please do not use glass in the hot tub – there are plastic ‘glasses’ available in the utility room.

11. To avoid electric shock, the hot tub should not be used in thunder storms, nor should you use electrical appliances or phones in the tub.

12. Pregnant ladies, people suffering from heart disease, circulatory problems, low or high blood pressure, diabetes or taking medication that makes them drowsy should speak to their doctor before using the hot tub.

13. If you need to top up with water there is a hose and tap at the right hand side of the house.

14. When exiting the hot tub please be careful not to slip – flip flops are provided.

15. When exiting the hot tub please remember to replace the cover and the disperser and switch off the jets and lights.



Testing the Hot Tub Water


The hot tub will be tested and made ready for your arrival. The chemicals are added via a plastic dispenser floating in the tub. This should be removed before getting into the tub and replaced when you exit.

If you are staying at Guy's Farm for  4 days or less the hot tub should not need any additional chemicals adding to it.

Please top up with water as needed using the hose pipe . The tap is located at the side of the house .Please take care to avoid getting soil or grass in the hot hub.

If you are staying longer or if you are concerned you can check the chemical balance of the the tub and adjust it accordingly.

There are test strips and chemicals in the red bucket marked 'hot tub only'. This is found in the utility room. Test the water with a test strip. Dip the strip in the tub , remove and hold for 15 seconds. Check the colour again the label.

The pH of the tub should be between 7.2 and 7.6 . If it is outside this range it can be altered by adding either the increaser (pH+) or the decreaser (pH-)

To increase pH add 25g of the increaser to the water.

To decrease ph add 25g of the decreaser to the water

There is a small weighing scale in the bucket. Always add the chemical to a small amount of water to dissolve before putting it into the hot tub.

The chlorine level of the pool should be between 1 and 3 on the scale.

To increase add another tablet to the dispenser.

To decrease remove a tablet from the dispenser or close the grill at the bottom of the dispenser 

Recheck the chemical level after a few hours and before you use the tub again. 

Water evaporation and top up can effect the chemical levels.