The History of Guy's Farm

Great Grandparents: building the house (1912)


 Matthew and Emily Guy and family built the house in 1912. It was surrounded by 22 acres of land. The couple had six children, shown in the photo - from left to right - Cissie, Lillian, Arthur, Sydney, Emily and  Dorothea (who the house was named after)  

Grandparents: Sydney and Grace get married (1932)


 In 1932 Sydney Guy  marries Grace Wymark - they moved into the house next door (now Hummingbirds)    

 As Sydney was a landowner and farmer he was unable to join the forces during the war but served in the Home Guard. 

Four Daughters (1930s - 50s)


 Sydney and Grace had four daughters, Josie, Margaret,Elizabeth and Angela .They moved to Park House in the village and set up the farming company SM Guy - still running today. After the death of Matthew and Emily, Guy’s Farm was rented to one of the farm employees. 

Parents: Josie and Phillip (1960s and 70s)


Josie their eldest daughter trained as a maths teacher 

In 1960 Josie married Phillip Barnes, initially living in Whittlesey and later moving to Manea to run SM Guy after Sydney’s death. Phillip was also an inventor, designing a horse powered vehicle - the horsicle and a vertical windmill 

 Phillip and Josie had four children, Christopher, Andrew, Catherine and Edward  

Caroline and Chris: our family (1980s-2010 and beyond)


 Chris married Caroline in 1986 and  after living in Peterborough they returned to live in Dorothea House, which they renamed Guy’s Farm after the family. They raised two sons Matthew and Oliver before leaving the UK in 2010 to work overseas for six years. During this time Guy’s Farm was rented out. 

In 2015 Matthew married Laura in Manea church - holding the reception in a marquee in the field behind our current home.

In 2018 Oliver married Ellie in Nottingham, where they now live.

June 2018 brought the birth of our first granddaughter Rosie who lives with her mum and dad (Matt and Laura) in Royston.



  November 2018 Guy’s Farm is refurbished and reopens as a holiday let  - we hope you enjoy the house as much as we have